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Straw workshop

Straw workshop is a place, where straws/hey is turned into sculptures, dolls and souvenirs. The works are placed in the nearby Straw Museum. Each piece is created with big love and careful work.

Creative Straw Workshop

The Straw Workshop is a place, where everybody can express oneself creatively – individually, together with your family or in a group (up to 45 children or 30 grown-ups).

You will learn the first skills in working with straw and hay, creating yourself a little animal, doll or other character. Straw Workshop provides training and raw materials. You can take your ready work home.

Activities in workshop are available from March 1 to December 1.

Your activities should be coordinated beforehand by calling us at: +371-29495746

The Creative Workshop Visits You

The Creative Straw Workshop will be a great event in your everyday life, as well as nice, creative activity during celebrations and parties. We would gladly visit you and create interesting, creative atmosphere for your guests, friends and relatives. The Creative Straw Workshop provides the necessary materials and training. Everyone will learn about the origins, importance, advantages and shortcomings of nature materials.

Create yourself and take your work home with you!

Please, apply by phone: +371-29495746

Individual orders

Straw/hay sculpture will be great choice to surprise your friends, colleagues and family. We create various decorative straw sculptures, figures, dolls according to your wishes. We suggest to place your orders in good time.

We offer to decorate shops, windows and public places.

The production of sculptures, dolls and souvenirs is approved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia, Nr. LV 14235 B and protected by the Patent Law of the Republic of Latvia.  It is forbidden to produce by the patented method, sell and use the protected product without the permission of the patentee.