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Straw museum

Everyone visiting Tukums must come to Straw Workshop and Museum!  You will be greeted by several hundred different straw/hay sculptures and dolls.

The Straw Museum is the only of its kind in Europe, the world and one of the most interesting sightseeing places in Latvia. It functions as a tourist attraction since August 2010. The Museum is famous for its original, unique and various works of art. You will see the works of art created from straw and hay.

The Straw Museum is under constant change and development. The hosts are improving and perfecting it. On September 24, 2012  we opened a new Museum building with large hall , which is gradually filled by new pieces of art.

Today, more than 400 exhibits are displayed in the Straw Museum, among them are the theme collections:

  • Birds’ collection – various Latvian birds: wood grouse, hoopoe, great bittern, crane, titmouse etc.
  • Farmstead – straw rabbits, hens, roosters, cows, piglets etc.
  • Gnomes’ collection – large, small, active, smiling, sweet gnomes.
  • Dragons’ collection – dragon is a very interesting image, displayed in various ways: flying, many-headed, sweet, with flaring  eyes and tongues.
  • Mushroom collection – various edible and poisonous mushrooms etc.
  • Lovs scenes collection – feminine sculptures and various humoristic scenes.
  • Fairy tales’ characters – little witches, devils and others.

Besides theme collections you can also see the largest sculptures – “Puss in Boots” ( 3 metres), “Mushroom Mummy” ( 2,30 metres) , “Golden Dragon” ( 1,70 metres)  and many other images.


The Straw Museum is new and interesting attraction for different age groups:

  • children, school-children – in order to learn about the world through different characters and find out their nature, traits of character, as well as learn about creation of sculptures and materials;
  • for grown-ups  – to see how hay/ straw is used to create the works of art;
  • for families as a nice leisure activity watching the exhibits or working together in workshop.

During your visit we will tell you, how the unique works are produced from environment-friendly materials. You will enjoy your visit.

Opening hours:

01.03. – 01.11. - daily 9.00-17.00

01.11. – 01.03. – please contact the museum in advance on +371-29495746

Entrance fee:

3,00 EUR for adults

2,50 EUR for students, pensioners

1,50 EUR for children

It is advisable to inform us in advance about your visit, phone Nr.: +371 29495746

You will be warmly received and pleasantly surprised!